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K. Peterson Productions is founded by Katy Peterson (Christensen). Katy was born and raised in a small town in Vermont, and when we say small, we mean a little over 400 people. So very small. At a young age, she realized she had a passion for film making and creating videos, so knowing what she wanted to go for in college was easy for her. She went to Liberty University and was accepted into the film program there. After two years of an intense program where she got her first feature film credit and worked on many short films, she realized her true passion was in creating wedding videos. Katy strives to tell each couple's story through the art of film and she does not just do it because it is her job, but because she truly loves it.

At K. Peterson Productions we strive to deliver the very best videos for our clients. We take your special day, all the special moments, all the little details, and create a video that we hope everyone will love.

We understand that your wedding day can be crazy and hectic, so we do our best to not get in the way. Our style consists of capturing the real moments of the day and not making the couples pose for them. The beauty comes from the moments that are true and real, so with that, we do our best to keep it that way. Most couples don't even notice we're there half the time but trust us, we're capturing all those beautiful moments whether you realize it or not. 

We offer a few packages here at K. Peterson Productions:

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